CfPs: Multisensory experiences: A multidisciplinary dialogue

We are editing a new multi-journal (psychology, neuroscience, marketing, and HCI) special issue on multisensory experiences! Y’all are welcome to submit.

The deadline is 01.07.2022. We want to facilitate a multidisciplinary dialogue on the topic ⭐ All info here:

About this Research Topic

Most of our everyday life experiences are multisensory in nature. That is, they involve most if not all of our senses. As such, there has been an increasing interest in understanding how our senses interact during our experiences, as well as how such understanding can be used to guide the design of experiences. Indeed, research on multisensory experiences, that is, impressions formed by specific events, whose sensory elements have been carefully crafted by someone, has been growing steadily in the last few years.

Research and development on multisensory experiences have drawn the attention of researchers in psychology, neuroscience, human-computer interaction (HCI), design, and marketing, among others. For example, researchers from psychology and neuroscience have worked on understanding the mechanisms underlying multisensory processing and experience formation. Researchers in HCI have developed novel multisensory interactions and technologies. Marketing researchers have worked on the role of the senses and experiences in consumer behaviour. Design researchers have developed multisensory design frameworks. Importantly, not only academics but also practitioners have become interested in multisensory experiences. Such applications can be found in diverse areas such as health, entertainment, branding, eating and drinking, and space exploration.

Considering the aforesaid interest and developments in research and practice, in this Research Topic, we aim to create a multidisciplinary space to push forward research and development in the topic of multisensory experiences. We are particularly interested in theoretical and empirical research on multisensory experiences coming from fields such as psychology, neuroscience, HCI, nutrition, health/wellbeing, computing and engineering, and marketing. In particular, we call for papers that deal with the following topics:

• Foundations of multisensory experiences
• Psychology and neuroscience of multisensory experiences
• Multisensory marketing and communications
• Multisensory human-computer interaction
• Multisensory technologies
• Frameworks for multisensory experience design
• Applications of multisensory experiences/interfaces
• Challenges and opportunities in multisensory experiences research
• Computational multisensory experience design
• Ethics/Responsible Research Innovation of multisensory experiences

Keywords: Multisensory experiences, senses, HCI, marketing, psychology, design