About me

“The essence of the sensory intuitive lies not in what separates the senses but in what unites themwith each other, with all even the non-sensory aspects of our experience, and with everything without us which is there to be experienced”
– Erich M. von Hornbostel

Hei! I’m an Associate Professor at BI Norwegian Business School (Norway), where I co-founded the Centre for Multisensory Marketing. In this website, I present some information about my interests, my academic and professional experience, and some of my work. Below, you’ll see my short bio.

Academic Background


I obtained my D.Phil. in Experimental Psychology at Oxford University (Crossmodal Research Laboratory). Following that, I worked as a Research Fellow at the SCHI Lab, Sussex University (UK), the Imagineering Institute (Malaysia), and the Institute on Asian Consumer Insight, hosted by Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). Currently, I’m once again a Research Fellow at the SCHI Lab.



My work is at the intersection between Psychology, Marketing, and Human–Computer Interaction, and focuses on understanding,
and capitalizing on, our multisensory experiences and their guiding principles (see
Research, for more details). Me and my colleagues have presented our research in conferences such as Pangborn, SXSW, ICMI, SenseAsia, CHI, TVX, and ESOMAR. We have also published it in journals such as Food Quality and Preference, PeerJ, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, Journal of Business Research, Motivation and Emotion, and Frontiers in Psychology. Our research has been covered by several media outlets (e.g., Aftenposten, New Yorker, Wired, The Guardian, IFT, Science Daily, El Tiempo). I have co-edited two books: Multisensory Human-Food Interaction and Multisensory Packaging.



I’ve worked with a number of companies from different countries such as Symrise, Asahi Breweries, Asian Institute on Consumer Insight, Seguros Bolívar, Colombina, Sea Tech, and Terpel. This work has focused on a variety of topics including multisensory experience design, HCI, food and drink, packaging, branding, consumer research, marketing, research, and innovation. I’m also one of the co-founders of Neurosketch (Colombia). See Consulting for more information.


IMG_9580I’m from Bogotá (Colombia), but have also lived in Calgary (Canada), Oxford and Brighton (UK), Boston (USA), Malaysia (Iskandar Puteri), Singapore, and Oslo (Norway). I enjoy nature, travels, experimental music (e.g., progressive rock/metal), guitar playing, stargazing, Korean BBQs (and Bokbunja-ju), and Japanese whisky. I have an awesome cat whose name is Juno.