[C]lick your screen: probing the senses online

The Experiential Society and the Crossmodal Research Laboratory are organizing the talk “[C]lick your screen: probing the senses online” by Dr. Andy Woods (@AndyTWoods), next Monday at the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford. Below, you can find the abstract and Dr. Andy Woods’ bio.


We are at the cusp of some far-reaching technological advances that will be of tremendous benefit to sensory research. Within a few short years we will be able to test thousands of people from any demographic with ‘connected’ technology every bit as good as we use in our labs today — indeed more so. Here I discuss on-web versus in-lab, predicted technological advances and issues with online research.


Dr. Andy Woods received his PhD from Trinity College, Dublin, in Multisensory Psychology and have subsequently postdoc’d in Bangor (Wales) and later in Manchester (England). He also spent 4 years as a research scientist working for industry in the Netherlands (Unilever R&D). His research remains primarily focused in the field of multisensory psychology. For the past 6 years he has been developing the ‘Xperiment’ software package, which lets scientists conduct research interchangeably on the internet, on the phone/pad through Xperiment apps, or in the lab.

For more information, go to: [C]lick your screen: probing the senses online


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