Quick and effective online tools to connect science, design, and consumer understanding

Neurosketch and Flying Fish Research will present a workshop at Esomar Latam in Colombia next year (10th April, 2016).

In this workshop we explore online research and multisensory design for new brands. This workshop will cover:

  • Design and art meet science: Developing a framework to create and confirm.
  • Online experimental research: sensory and emotion science to increase consumer engagement.
  • Tailoring the ideal product: Controlling the sensory properties of a product to impact sales and increase consumer enjoyment
  • Using emotion science to better connect brands and consumers
  • Can online research be a more cost effective approach than eye tracking, EEG, and other consumer neuroscience methodologies? When and how?
  • Are you ready for the future of online research? Understanding how to harness the power of technology.

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