Future of Computing & Food Manifesto

Last 31st May 2018, I co-organized, and took part in, an event on the “Future of Computing & Food” (part of the International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces 2018) in Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy. Here, a group of academics, practitioners, a Chef, and local food producers gathered and kick-started the co-creation of a Manifesto on the Future of Computing & Food. Below, I present the key points of the manifesto (click here for full access to the output document).


Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy.

Manifesto on the Future of Computing & Food

I. Educate people about the impact of ‘what they eat’ on their own health and wellbeing
II. Promote the sense of communal participation and its importance to food
III. Optimize food equality by reducing food waste and increasing access to nutritious food
IV. Help people in recognising the basic sensory, hedonic, and social functions of foods
V. Provide just-in-time feedback on purchase, storage and consumption of food
VI. Foster the relevance of personal, social, and cultural experiences related to food
VII. Enable data-driven (real-time, large scale) informed food policy decision making
VIII. Avoid one-fits-all solutions that undermine personal freedom of choice
IX. Ensure total transparency on the origin and heritage of food
X. Celebrate each actor in the food system (farmer to Chef) to create a sustainable system