Future of Computing & Food Manifesto

Last 31st May 2018, I co-organized, and took part in, an event on the “Future of Computing & Food” (part of the International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces 2018) in Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy. Here, a group of academics, practitioners, a Chef, and local food producers gathered and kick-started the co-creation of a Manifesto on… Continue reading Future of Computing & Food Manifesto


Sensory qualities speak to one another

“By means of the language of resemblance, sensory qualities speak to one another and, as it were, talk over their common feeling; and by the same language of resemblance, their voices carry beyond the sensory realm, invading qualities that are not primarily sensorial, again to share, in metaphor, a common feeling” – Lawrence Marks (1978,… Continue reading Sensory qualities speak to one another