Future of Computing & Food Manifesto

Last 31st May 2018, I co-organized, and took part in, an event on the “Future of Computing & Food” (part of the International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces 2018) in Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy. Here, a group of academics, practitioners, a Chef, and local food producers gathered and kick-started the co-creation of a Manifesto on… Continue reading Future of Computing & Food Manifesto

Shape descriptors for taste

“According to the Oxford English Dictionary, ‘sharp’ applied first to touch, then subsequently to taste (ca. 1000), visual shape (1340), and hearing (1390)” (Marks, 1978, p. 190; see also Williams, 1976). It would seem possible that the use of the term ‘sharp’ to describe a taste or flavour attribute actually reflects an implicit association between… Continue reading Shape descriptors for taste

Sensory qualities speak to one another

“By means of the language of resemblance, sensory qualities speak to one another and, as it were, talk over their common feeling; and by the same language of resemblance, their voices carry beyond the sensory realm, invading qualities that are not primarily sensorial, again to share, in metaphor, a common feeling” – Lawrence Marks (1978,… Continue reading Sensory qualities speak to one another