Designing multisensory eating and drinking experiences

Below, I present an excerpt from a recent article that I wrote on multisensory eating and drinking for insight+, a publication by the Institute of Asian Consumer Insight in Singapore: Imagine a typical everyday meal at a restaurant or a hawker centre. With just a little bit of attention you can begin to see that… Continue reading Designing multisensory eating and drinking experiences


From psychology to business

Alejandro Salgado (@tiempoasm) and I were invited this week to give a talk at PsyNAppS society, Oxford University, on our experience as entrepreneurs in Psychology. We have worked together in many research and business projects for about 8 years now. If you would like to know more about the talk, here is PsyNApps' blog post and review: From psychology to business:… Continue reading From psychology to business

Construya experiencias a partir del sonido del envase

En general, la industria del marketing y el diseño, hasta ahora, se ha enfocado principalmente (aunque no exclusivamente) en potenciar la experiencia del consumidor a través de la información visual. En nuestro último artículo publicado en El Empaque, análisamos el potencial del sonido en las experiencias de consumo, principalmente, en el desarrollo de empaques.Ver el artículo acá:… Continue reading Construya experiencias a partir del sonido del envase

Sensory qualities speak to one another

“By means of the language of resemblance, sensory qualities speak to one another and, as it were, talk over their common feeling; and by the same language of resemblance, their voices carry beyond the sensory realm, invading qualities that are not primarily sensorial, again to share, in metaphor, a common feeling” – Lawrence Marks (1978,… Continue reading Sensory qualities speak to one another